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eToro Review Summary

Our Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

It's very easy to be an eToro member from the process of registration and even until the withdrawal stage. Its platform is very user-friendly and unique in terms of design and it has integrated risk management tools for trading.

It has over 3000 financial instruments including forex, stocks, commodities, indices, ETFs and even crypto, with very modest spreads regarding the available assets. In addition, eToro's fees are transparent and it doesn't have hidden trading charges.

Reputation-wise, it has managed to maintain its popularity and credibility in the industry and its operating companies are all in accordance with different regulators.

The downside?

There's only a few to mention such as the lack of a MetaTrader platform and that it doesn't offer any spread betting service rather the standard stock, crypto and CFD trading.

eToro is a top-notch trading platform

In fact, it's among the best online platforms today where you can trade and invest on various financial instruments including forex, stocks, indices, commodities, ETFs and crypto. It also offers commission-free trading on real stocks and a copy trading feature, which makes them unique as compared to their competitors.

Here's the deal: You can explore eToro's online trading platform by using their demo account. All you need to do is sign-up for an account in order to use the platform in practice mode. It's free and there's no commitment for you to use it.


78% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.


✅ Quick registration process
✅ Licensed and regulated by financial authorities (FCA, CySEC and ASIC)
✅ Commission-free on real stock trading
✅ Social trading
✅ Crypto trading
✅ Over 3000 financial instruments to invest on


❌ No MetaTrader platform
❌ USD is the only base currency
❌ No ISA or SIPP

eToro facts infographic
eToro facts infographic

What is eToro?

eToro is an international trading platform that enables you to invest on various types of instruments such as currencies, stocks, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies and ETFs.

This brokerage firm is regulated and approved by different financial organizations such as the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and these current licenses that they have from these regulators allow them to offer certain financial products.

So, are you curious to learn more regarding eToro? Let's study it in detail to find out!

Majority of the screenshots that you will see in this review are from their web-based platform.


  • Quick registration process
  • Can use Facebook, Google account or Apple ID
  • You need to eventually complete your profile in detail

The entire process of opening an account will only take a few minutes and can be done straight from their website or via their mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

The digital registration form will require a username, email address and password but they also allow registrations via Facebook, Google or Apple ID.

Countries Supported

Anyone from the globe can register with eToro with just a few exceptions. Below is the list of countries which they don't support:


North America Europe Asia Pacific Latin America Africa Middle East
US Minor Islands
Bosnia and Herzegovina
American Samoa
Hong Kong
North Korea
Northern Marianas
Sri Lanka
Puerto Rico
Trinidad and Tobago
Congo Republic
Countries not supported by eToro

Here's the thing…
You don't need to find out if your country is supported by eToro or not, as it will notice your location by itself and will alert you. For example, if you're in Canada then you'll see a message that your country is not supported when you access their website.

Notice from eToro if your country is not supported
Notice from eToro if your country is not supported

Keep in mind that this will only work if you're using your real internet connection. You should not be using any VPN service while opening the eToro website.


Accounts have different club tiers and this will be based on the realized equity and not the amount deposited.

When it comes to account types, they offer the standard live account, the free demo account and Islamic accounts.

eToro account settings
eToro account settings

eToro account settings can be accessed by clicking on Settings from the menu and then Account via the web-based platform or the app.

Opening an eToro Account

The process of opening an online trading account will only take a few minutes. If you're curious and ready to open one right now, you can click this button and this will take you to their sign-up page.


78% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

eToro Club

Rather than account types, they have the eToro Club which comes with a selection of benefits, services and tools that you will have exclusive access to according on your membership tier:


Tier Equity
Silver $5,000
Gold $10,000
Platinum $25,000
Platinum $50,000
Diamond $250,000
eToro Club minimum equity requirements

Membership is of this club will be determined not the amount you deposited on your account but rather by the size of your equity, which is the sum of your available balance (funds available to open new trades), the total allocated funds (those that were currently invested) and your profit.

Like to open an account?

If you're curious and ready to open one right now, you can click this button and this will take you to their sign-up page. As mentioned earlier, the process of opening an online trading account will only take a few minutes.


78% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Does eToro offer bonuses?
eToro no longer offers sign-up bonuses. This is because of their agreement with regulators not to provide any kind of gratuities, offers, bonus, incentives or trader points to their customers for their protection.

Demo Account

All registered members can use the demo account to practice their trading skills or explore the platform without risking real money.

To begin with:
The demo account is labelled as "Virtual Portfolio" and this already comes with free $100,000 virtual money.

eToro's demo account is called "Virtual Portfolio"
eToro's demo account is called "Virtual Portfolio"

Since the account is in virtual mode, users can experience the live trading environment and see real-time market prices of stocks, forex, commodities, indices and other instruments with no risks.

How can you actually use this?

  • If you are a beginner, you can use this feature for testing the interface or learning how to trade via this broker.
  • On the other hand, if you are an experienced trader, you can take advantage of the demo to improve your skills or experiment on different strategies.

It is important to remember:
Using the eToro demo account will not generate any real profits or losses. You will need to switch to the "Real Portfolio" or live account in order to trade real money.

Ready to test eToro?

You can test out eToro's demo account by clicking on the button below. Take note that you will still need to open an account but won't be required to make a deposit in order to use the demo feature. You may decide to fund your account later on if you wish to continue live trading.


78% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Islamic Account

As a special service for Muslim traders, an Islamic or swap-free account is available for those who strictly the follow the teachings of Quran that are related to finance restrictions.

Under this halal account, any trades that have been left open overnight or for more than 24 hours are not going to be charged with weekend commissions or rollover fees so for the entire duration of the contract, technically, there is no "Riba" in any form.

A real account with a minimum first time deposit of $1000 is required before you can request for the eToro Islamic account from their customer service team.

Trading Platforms

  • User-friendly
  • Loads quickly
  • Colors won't strain your eyes
  • Doesn't support MetaTrader platforms

The trading platform of eToro has a very simple structure, loads quickly, and is extremely slick. This allows you to get familiar with the interface without investing a lot of time.

eToro's platforms are developed by themselves and are not provided by any other party.

Here's a fact:
It is not common in this industry for a brokerage to have their own software or platforms. With eToro having the capability to enhance their platforms, they can add more features and functionality in line with the needs of their clients.

And one more thing: The platform of eToro consumes fewer system resources, irrespective of its use from the mobile application or browser. It's safe to say that eToro is very easy to use, loads quickly, and lag-free.


System/Device Platform
Web eToro
Desktop None
Mobile iOS App, Android App
Other N/A
eToro's trading platforms

You'll be able to access the platform and use any of the following languages. However, the default will be based on the language that supports your country of jurisdiction during the time that you registered.

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • German
  • Russian
  • French
  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Polish
  • Dutch
  • Norwegian
  • Portuguese
  • Swedish
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Romanian
  • Vietnamese
  • Thai
  • Finnish



Users will be able to trade stocks, cryptocurrencies and CFD assets via eToro's social trading and investment marketplace apps for web and its mobile applications.

eToro web-based platform and menu
eToro web-based platform

The main page of the eToro app/platform provides access to most commands and menu options including the following:

  • Watchlist
  • Portfolio
  • Discover
  • Withdraw Funds
  • Settings
  • Help
  • Logout
  • Deposit Funds
  • Switch to Virtual

The mobile apps can be installed on devices that are powered by Google's Android or Apple's iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac).


Mobile Operating System Compatibility Where to Download
Android Android 5.1 or higher Google Play
iOS iOS 11.0 or higher App Store
eToro mobile app details

The eToro app has a uniform interface across all of their platforms so it basically looks the same on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The only difference is the screen size since this will be dependent on the device that you are using.


It seems that eToro has worked very hard on making its design to be simple and fitted for all types of traders especially if you're a novice so that you can understand everything and won't feel lost in the process of familiarizing yourself with their platform.

It actually won't take long for traders who are using it for the first time. This is very important as no one desires to have a difficult trading experience.

What's interesting is that...
There is no considerable difference in the eToro's web-based platform and its mobile apps for iOS and Android. If you have used it on one of the above-mentioned devices, you can simply use it on other devices as well and you'll be able to access your account without any fuss.

This has been made possible due to the specific optimization for different operating systems.

Have a look at the two images below. The first image shows the web-based platform through a mobile browser whereas the second image is of eToro app for Android. You'll notice that the user interface of these 2 are very identical so whatever platform you choose, you'll basically have the same kind of experience.

eToro trading platform
eToro trading platform
eToro mobile app for Android
eToro mobile app for Android

Logging In

Logging in to eToro requires an existing account with this online brokerage firm.

Clients that have an active account will have the following login credentials:

  1. Username or email address
  2. Password

These are the two essential details that users will need to provide in order to sign-in to their eToro accounts.

eToro login page
eToro login page

Other sign-in options are also available and this can be done via the following:

  • Apple
  • Facebook
  • Google

Here's the deal:
These methods can only be used if the account was linked or associated with any of these external services.

For any questions or information about signing in to this broker then be sure to check out this detailed article that covers everything about eToro login concerns, common issues and the possible solutions.

Searching for Instruments

There are two ways to look for a specific asset. The first allows you to look through the list of markets on the right and wider section of the main screen.

eToro instrument search page
eToro instrument search page

You just need to click on the class of asset to identify in the list.

The second way for searching the instrument is through the search bar. This feature is very cool if you know the keyword of the asset to get the best results or you may just enter the ticker symbol manually (e.g. "AAPL" for Apple or "AMZN" for Amazon).

Here's an example:

If you're interested in trading the US dollar, you may search for "USD" or "dollar", and the search results will show all the assets that are related to this currency. This may also include other categories (if they exist), such as cryptocurrencies, indices, and others.


If you usually do trading on a particular instrument then it is best to add it to the list of your favorites or what they call as "Watchlist".

How can you actually use this?
The Watchlist can save a lot of your time as you don't need to search a particular asset at the time of placing a Buy or Sell order. This is very useful if you're in a hurry and you don't want to miss the action.

Here's how to do it:
You can add a particular instrument to favorites by searching it and then clicking on the plus5 (+) symbol. This way it will be added to the "My Watchlist" or a new list with a specific name that you can edit.

eToro enables you to add unlimited assets to your watchlists. However, it's recommended to add only the most important ones. Otherwise, this list will get crowded and would defeat its purpose.

This list can be easily accessed via the "Watchlist" category. You can see it in the left section of the main page.

eToro Watchlist
eToro Watchlist


eToro's notifications is very beneficial if you like to track the latest updates regarding your trading. You'll get all the updates as soon as possible through this feature.

eToro notification settings
eToro notification settings

eToro permits you to change the settings on your account according to your wish to get the latest updates about the following:

Email notifications

  • Updates, promotions and tips
  • Social activity – if someone started following you, commented on your post, wrote on your wall, started copying you, one of your Facebook friends joined eToro or someone commented on a post that you participated in.


You can completely opt out from eToro's marketing communication or even a particular newsfeed activity.

However, you won't be able to turn off the notifications on important matters such as the status of your deposits, withdrawals, requests to receive documents and technical notifications.

Push Notifications

  • Night Mode – you may opt not to receive notifications at night and turn off the sound
  • Types – you can toggle the switch according to type and this includes the following:
    • Trading
    • Account
    • Social
    • Volatility Alerts
    • eToro Updates and Promotions
    eToro web push notification settings
    eToro web push notification settings

You can set the types of notifications that you wish to receive. Do take note that you may still receive a minimal set of mandatory notifications due to regulation requirements.


Web Push Notifications – similar to Push notifications, you can receive alerts according to type:

  • Trading
  • Account
  • Social
  • Volatility Alerts
  • eToro Updates and Promotions

Take note:

If you have enabled this notification but noticed that it's not working, you might need to approve eToro first in your browser settings.

You'll get the notifications or latest updates through push notifications on the platform application on your phone through the email that you provided during the registration process.

And one more thing: There's no fee for these notifications! Isn't that cool?

Quotes Accuracy

The prices of assets on the broker platform is the key to your success in trading. Therefore, it is of great importance for you.

How do you do it?
You just need to make a comparison of the actual market prices with quotes and if there is a huge difference between the actual market prices and quotes, then you might want to reconsider trading with this broker.

We did a simultaneous test of Apple's stock price at the same time with 3 reliable quote providers: Nasdaq, Yahoo Finance, and Google Finance. At the same time, we also did a test of the underlying asset's price in eToro. The actual test was done while the stock market as open and the screenshots below were taken exactly at 12:00:00 pm.

Here's the actual price of Apple in Nasdaq's website. The price was $172.17.

Apple stock quote in Nasdaq
Apple stock quote in Nasdaq

Next, here's a screenshot of Apple's price in Yahoo Finance taken at the same time. The price was $172.16.

Apple stock quote in Yahoo Finance
Apple stock quote in Yahoo Finance

And lastly, here's the value of Apple via Google Finance. The price was also $172.16.

Apple stock quote in Google Finance
Apple stock quote in Google Finance

Now let's compare Apple's stock price via eToro during the same time. As you can see from the image below, AAPL's value was $172.17.

Apple stock quote in eToro's platform
Apple stock quote in eToro's platform

So how did it turn out?
Based on the comparison that we did, the quotes displayed on eToro's platform are in sync with other quote providers. There were noticeable delays and price changes are very quick, usually happening several times even within just a second. This is a solid indication that the platform is capable of providing real-time market prices.

In addition, it is not prone to slippages. Instead, it provides the precise rates before and after the deal. So, based on the above review, eToro has managed to get an exceptional rating in this important category because due to the accuracy of prices in their platform.

Fee Details

Specific trading activities, transactions and actions with eToro have applicable fees. Most of these charges are imposed to compensate for the costs to fulfill a specific request that needs to be processed.

Some of these are the following:

  • Rollover fees
  • Withdrawal fees
  • Conversion fees
  • Inactivity fees

Some fees are waived or discounted depending on your club membership tier. There is a detailed page that discusses all the eToro fees so you will be more informed regarding the possible charges that you may incur.

eToro's platform openly discloses the fees that you have to pay at the time of trading. Whenever you're going to execute a Buy or Sell order on the platform, you'll be able to see the applicable fees that may apply for that particular trade.

Look at this image for example. Here, you'll see that the overnight fees for buying Gold CFDs are already indicated in the trading screen.

Fees displayed on eToro's trading platform
Fees displayed on eToro's trading platform

In fact, there is an option for you to check the full details of the fee to avoid any unexpected surprise when you execute a Buy or Sell order.


eToro allows users to execute trading positions on CFDs and non-CFDs. There are over 3000 markets or assets that you can invest on and this includes a diversity of stocks, commodities, currencies, indices, cryptocurrencies and ETFs.

The investment platforms however are not just merely gateways for “trading”. It comes with a number of integrated features including risk-management and analysis tools, and advanced interactive charts.

In addition, a number of eToro trading guides, tips and tutorials are also available on their website so beginners will be able to get a better understanding on how to trade and even how to improve their strategies.

Copy Trading

The platform's copy trading function is a reinvention of mirror trading which allows users to replicate the trading activities and strategies of more seasoned and skilled users.

Copying a trader on eToro
Copying a trader on eToro
*Past performance is not an indication of future results

How does it work?
It starts working after choosing an investor to copy based from the profiles that you browsed and allocating a specific capital for copying this particular trader. Once they open a position on a certain asset, the amount that you set aside for the copy fund will automatically open its equivalent position for the same instrument under your account.

With the eToro copy trading feature, there are some specific parameters that can be set and such as the option to copy all active open trades or just copy only new trades. You can also set different parameters per trader.

Listed below are some of the most popular traders to copy:

eToro's Top-Performing Traders for Q3 2022

Below are eToro's best performing traders for the third quarter of 2022 based on their Investment Office Quarterly Overview (Q3 22).

These 3 popular investors have made significant returns this year but what's noticeable here is that they don't use the same strategies.

  • Jacob Phillippus Enslin (enslinjaco): This London-based equity analyst is currently operating a global investment portfolio and is only placing long positions. As an Elite Popular Investor, Enslin searches for companies which have notable stock market values, specifically those that have a tendency to have an upscaling of stock valuation. His noticeable performance this year is due to his focus on companies under the energy sector with Frontline being his top-performing stock investment.

  • Javier Rotllant Miras (jrotllant): Based in Mexico, Miras used a strategy for investing in forex and commodities by basing it on the basics of swing trading. What's interesting about this Champion Popular Investor is that he just started with eToro in April 2021 and that's the only month where he incurred a loss.

  • Vasile Iliescu (iliescu2605): Another Champion Popular Investor, Iliescu was able to bring 2-digit returns this year for users who copied his positions. This long/short investor is based in Romania and has more than a decade of experience. His investment decisions primarily rely on both fundamental and technical analysis. The most notable trade that he made was shorting on the S&P 500 Index.


We already know that "leverage" is a trading strategy that involves using borrowed money to invest in a financial product with the aim of increasing potential yields of an investment. Leverage allows an investor to spend temporary loan to open a trade of a bigger size against a lesser amount of invested capital.

Simply said: The way leverage works is that you as a trader, will borrow funds from your broker (in this case, eToro) in order to trade with a greater amount of money than your existing money deposited in your account.

Here are the maximum leverage amounts set by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) for all retail investors on eToro:


Asset TypeMaximum Leverage
Currency pairs (EUR/USD):x30
Gold and other indicesx20
CFD, stocks and ETFsx5
CFD cryptocurrenciesx2
eToro's maximum leverage

Remember: If you are a a trader based in the United States, the only eToro leverage allowed is 1:1 since CFD trading is banned in the United States and you are only permissible to trade cryptocurrencies.

Order Types

eToro allows you to place various type of orders on their online trading platform. These are stated below:

  1. Market order: It is the default order type and is placed when you desire to execute the order quickly.
  2. Take profit: In this type of order, you can reset a particular value to sell or purchase a specific asset.
  3. Stop loss: This automatically prevents the order from selling or purchasing if the particular asset meets the pre-set value for reducing the potential loss.
    eToro order
    eToro order

With eToro, you can set a particular rate to close at a particular price level by itself in order to reduce the loss and increase the profit.

Tradable Assets

  • More than 3000 instruments
  • Thematic investing via Smart Portfolios
  • Different financial assets across several categories

With eToro's 3000+ tradable instruments, you'll be able to diversify your portfolio.

What's great about eToro is that it allows you to access a wide range of markets and won't just limit you to a specific group or category.

eToro tradable assets
eToro tradable assets

Via the platform, you'll be able to invest on forex, stocks, indices, commodities, crypto and ETFs. That's almost any instrument type that we can think of.

In comparison to other well-known brokerages, there is a huge difference as eToro offers more than 3000 instruments whereas its competitors like XM and AvaTrade only offer around 1000.

Coming to the point:

With a wide range of choices, you have the liberty to choose the asset in which you are most comfortable to invest on. This is the reason why eToro was able to secure a position with an exemplary score in this category.


In finance, a CFD is a "contract for difference". This means it's an agreement on a futures contract where the difference in the value from buying and selling of a financial instrument is made through monetary payments, instead of physical delivery of securities or anything else.

CFDs allow you to trade the value of the underlying asset without actually owning it. They usually feature a leverage, which means in small investments you can achieve yields equal to the underlying asset or markets.

The eToro CFD trading platform will give you access to over 3000 instruments which can be traded as CFD. That means you can invest on any instrument listed on the platform without owning any of them.


Investing on global indices is also possible on the platform. For this specific asset class, you can find the most common country indices counting the Netherlands 25, Germany 30, USA 500, US-TECH 100 and Japan 225 amongst many others.

Currently, there are 13 options to choose from and these are the following:


Index Symbol
CAC 40 FRA40
Dow Jones DJ30
FTSE 100 UK100
FTSE China A50 China50
Hang Seng China 50 HKG50
Nasdaq-100 NSDQ100
Nikkei 225 JPN225
S&P 500 SPX500
S&P/ASX 200 AUS200
Tradable indices available on eToro's platform

Take note: These indices are traded as CFDs so you are not owning any shares of these indices.

eToro indices
eToro indices


The platform currently has around 50 currency pairs and this includes exotics, minors (crosses) and all the 7 majors (EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY, USDCHF, AUDUSD and NZDUSD). The minimum investment size is $1000 for retail clients with a maximum leverage of x30 while professional account types can use higher leverages of up to x400.

Currency (forex) trading on eToro
Currency (forex) trading on eToro

When you trade eToro forex assets, the spread is the fee charged per transaction and this could range from 1 pip to 50 pips depending on the pair you are trading.

Remember: You are trading currencies via CFDs so you are not really owning any of these specific currencies you are investing on but rather speculating on their rates.


You have the choice to invest in both type of commodities: Hard and Soft. Soft commodities include cotton, cocoa, sugar and wheat, whereas hard commodities include gold, silver, platinum, palladium, aluminum, copper, nickel, crude oil and natural gas.

eToro commodities
eToro commodities


The platform has around 80 crypto assets. It includes the most popular ones and those that have the largest market caps such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) and Cardano (ADA).

Tradable cryptocurrencies with eToro
Tradable cryptocurrencies with eToro

Check out the table below for the complete list:


Symbol Crypto Asset
1INCH 1inch
ADA Cardano
ALGO Algorand
ALICE My Neighbor Alice
APE ApeCoin
ATOM Cosmos
AVAX Avalanche
AXS Axie Infinity
BAL Balancer
BAND Band Protocol
BAT Basic Attention Token
BCH Bitcoin Cash
BICO Biconomy
BNB Binance Coin
BNT Bancor
BTC Bitcoin
CHZ Chiliz
COMP Compound
CRO Cronos
CRV Curve
CTSI Cartesi
DOGE Dogecoin
DOT Polkadot
ENJ Enjin
ENS Ethereum Name Service
ETC Ethereum Classic
ETH Ethereum
FET Fetch.ai
FIL Filecoin
FLR Spark
FTM Fantom
GRT The Graph
HBAR Hedera Hashgraph
IMX Immutable X
KNC Kyber Network
LINK Chainlink
LPT Livepeer
LRC Loopring
LTC Litecoin
LUNA2 Terra 2.0
LUNC Terra Classic
MANA Decentraland
MATIC Polygon
MKR Maker
OGN Origin Protocol
OXT Orchid
QNT Quant
SAND The Sandbox
SHIBxM Shiba Inu (in millions)
SKL Synthetix
SOL Solana
SRM Serum
SUSHI SushiSwap
UMA Universal Market Access
UNI Uniswap
XLM Stellar Lumens
XRP Ripple
XTZ Tezos
YFI Yearn.finance
ZEC Zcash
ZRX 0x
Tradable cryptocurrency assets available on eToro's platform

Cryptocurrencies can be traded online by buying and selling the asset outright (which means you will actually own it) or by via contracts for difference (CFDs).

The eToro crypto services are not just about investing. They also have a dedicated digital exchange for enterprise-level investors which is called eToroX and a secured wallet service called eToro Wallet for sending and receiving tokens. All these and more are discussed in a separate and detailed article.


Bitcoin (BTC) is among the cryptoassets that can be traded on the platform. Users have the option to place a Buy or Sell or simply copy the trades of other professional and experienced traders via the social trading platform.

There is a transfer fee of 0.0005 BTC for a minimum withdrawal of 0.008 BTC and they also charge trading fees in the form of spreads which is currently at 0.75% and is applied after closing the position.

The platform also supports trading on other cross BTC instruments and this includes the following:

  • Crypto crosses
  • Currency crosses
  • Commodity crosses

eToro Bitcoin trading is not just limited to the platform. There are other products and more information can be found on a separate dedicated page.


Another digital coin that is also available on the online investment platform is Ethereum (ETH) and just like BTC, you can place a Buy or a Sell, or just copy an experienced user's positions with an allotted amount via copy trading.

You can take out a minimum of 0.26 ETH and each withdrawal request has a transfer fee of 0.006 ETH. The spread for this cryptoasset is at 1.90% and is subject to change depending on the market condition.

You can also explore other trading opportunities by investing on crypto crosses and currency crosses or you can use the digital wallet to send and receive crypto coins.

We have more information about eToro Ethereum products and investment solutions on a separate page.


Ripple (XRP) is also included in the list of eToro's cryptoassets. The same process for trading digital coins also apply for investing in XRP, including the social trading features of the CopyTrader which will allow you to copy the trading strategies of more experienced traders that are also using the platform.

For this specific digital coin, the spread is at 2.45% and it can be stored on eToro's digital wallet, which can only be initially opened after transferring an XRP position from the trading platform to the eToro Ripple wallet.


Litecoin, which usually belongs to the 10 largest digital currencies by market cap (the list easily changes, hence the word "usual"), is also available on eToro's cryptoasset offerings.

LTC is a fork of BTC and can be bought on eToro's platform. Withdrawals for the underlying digital instrument will incur a fee 0.001 LTC and the allowed minimum that you can cash out is 0.68 LTC. It has the same spread of 1.90% for real eToro Litecoin crypto trading and LTC CFD trading.

Bitcoin Cash

Another fork of Bitcoin is Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and this popular digital coin can be traded on the platform as well with a spread of 1.90% for trading real BCH and BCH CFDs.

The eToro Bitcoin Cash transfer fee is 0.001 BCH for a minimum withdrawal of 0.18 BCH.

Note: This should not be mistaken for the cash equivalent of BTC.


So does eToro pay dividends?
Yes. You can earn dividends by trading stocks, ETFs or an index distributes a dividend. They base the payments on the positions you hold and these are calculated as refunds and are then added to your profits.

It is important to remember: Payment of eToro dividends may incur taxes and this would depend on the tax laws of your country.

There’s also the DividendGrowth or Dividend Income Stocks Smart Portfolio which is an investment strategy guide for traders who are looking for dividend-rich companies to invest on and this includes known corporations like McDonald's, IBM, Coca-Cola and 3M.


Exchange-traded funds or ETFs are also available on eToro and as of this writing, the platform has more than 260 ETFs. Opening a Buy position on an ETF without leverage means that you've invested in the performance of a basket of stocks.

eToro ETF trading screen
eToro ETF trading screen

CFD trading on ETFs are also available (depends on which regulation your account is under) and via this option, you'll be able to place a Sell position and apply leverage. Take note that you have no actual ownership of the ETF if you're holding a CFD ETF position.


You can easily start buying a non-fungible token or NFT using eToro. On a nutshell, here is the process of buying an NFT provided that you already own an Ethereum:

You first need to set up your Ethereum to a compatible crypto wallet (hint: eToro Wallet) and open it with another platform like MetaMask. Next, register and open your wallet and then choose an NFT Marketplace where you will buy the NFT of your liking. Among the top NFT Marketplaces include OpenSea, SuperRare, Foundation and Rarible.

Then, register an account and connect your wallet to the NFT Marketplace. You can now then choose an NFT to buy. In some cases, you can buy an NFT immediately but in most instances, you’ll have to make a bid for an NFT item.

Note: There's a dedicated page for eToro NFT so if you'd like to know further and get into details then be sure to read this comprehensive guide.


As an eToro client, you also have the opportunity to grow your cryptoasset investments that you own. You can do this with the help of a staking service that they provide. What happens is that eToro executes staking processes on behalf of their users. They allow people who own and hold supported cryptoassets to earn rewards just by holding them.

Via the eToro staking service, people can grow their crypto asset holdings. It’s basically growing with a proportional amount of the holder's portfolio. As of this writing, they allow staking on Cardano, Tron and Ethereum.

Smart Portfolios

Smart Portfolios is a unique thematic investment product that can also be traded on the platform. Formerly called CopyPortfolios, this will automatically copy a group of financial instruments that is based on a predetermined market strategy.

eToro Smart Portfolios
eToro Smart Portfolios

Since this is a bundle of assets, it is considered as a single trade and will require a minimum investment of $500. Choosing an eToro Smart Portfolio can be filtered based on interests including software, tech, crypto, financial services, med tech, retail, consumable goods, ETFs, durable goods, manufacturing, processing, and media services.


There are over 2500 stocks listed on the platform and this includes brands from several global exchanges such as the NYSE, NASDAQ, LSE, Tadawul Saudi Arabia, Euronext (Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon and Paris), HKSE and more. Apple, Tesla, Google (Alphabet) Alibaba, Facebook (Meta), Amazon, Microsoft, PayPal, Netflix, NVIDIA, and NIO are among the most popular stocks on the platform.

Aside from top American corporations, you can also find popular companies from other countries. For example, you can invest on high-profile UK companies such as SSE, Ocado, ASOS, EVRAZ, and Centrica.

Take note: Not all publicly-listed companies are available on the platform. Companies like American Leisure Holdings (AMLH), Eurasia Mining (EUA), Bergio International (BRGO), Omega Diagnostics (ODX), Greatland Gold (GGP) and [email protected] Capital are not offered even if these are highly popular stocks.

eToro stocks trading screen
eToro stocks trading screen

Users can trade stocks by actually buying and selling real shares or via contracts for difference (CFDs). Since it's not only a basic trading platform but one that has interactive features, it allows users to make an analysis and have a discussion with other users actively in the social network.

Get this: eToro stocks trading is commission-free (applies only on real stocks and not CFDs) which means opening or closing positions on shares won't incur any management or ticketing fees.


Your capital is at risk. Other fees apply. For more information, visit etoro.com/trading/fees.


You'll find contracts of over 200 choices for various exchange-traded funds.

eToro ETFs
eToro ETFs

eToro ETF trading will give you exposure to a wide spectrum of financial assets including stocks, commodities, bonds, real estate, and more.

Deposits and Withdrawals

  • $5 flat withdrawal fee regardless of the amount
  • All transactions utilize Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology
  • Various payment methods are supported
  • Non-USD deposits are subject to a conversion fee

It is extremely easy and quick to make a deposit and withdrawal through eToro.

Supported Currencies

The eToro platform only operates with USD. However, visually speaking you can change the currency displayed as your equity. This can be set to USD, EUR, GBP, NZD, CAD, JPY, CHF, AUD, HKD, ZAR, RUB, CNY, NOK, SEK, TRY, MXN, SGD, HUF, CZK, or RON.

eToro platform in GBP currency
eToro platform in GBP currency

To change the currency displayed in your Equity, you just need to click on the Equity badge on the bottom of the platform and you will be able to select the display currency there.

Take note: If you're going to use other currencies on the platform, this converted with additional fees.


When you are done with the registration process, the next step to take is to make your initial deposit. For this, you just need to select "Deposit" and then choose your preferred method. Making a deposit into your eToro account is very simple and quick through a number of payment options.

Listed below are the banking methods that they currrently support:

  • Credit / Debit card (Visa, Mastercard, Diner's Club)
  • China Union Pay
  • Giropay (Sofortüberweisung)
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • Skrill Limited UK
  • WebMoney
  • Wire Transfer
  • Wire
  • Yandex
  • Local Online Banking
  • ACH

These are the most reliable and commonly used payment gateways and it's very easy to make a deposit through them. Via credit or debit cards, the funds are credited instantly so you can start trading in no time. Do take note that some payment methods like bank transfer may take longer as the processing time is dependent on your service provider.

eToro deposit page
eToro deposit page

The minimum deposit requirement is $50 for majority of countries including Austria, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. For traders based in the US and UK, the initial requirement is just $10.

The platform mainly transacts in US dollar but deposits using other currencies are accepted including EUR, GBP, AUD, RMB, THB, IDR, MYR, VND, PHP, SEK, DKK, NOK, PLN and CZK.

Keep in mind:
These currencies need to be converted to US dollar before you can start trading.


Withdrawals can be done straight from the platform and is easily accessible from the menu via the "Withdraw Funds" link.

The minimum amount that can be taken out from the account is $30 and is subject to a $5 withdrawal fee. This charge is the same for all transactions regardless of the amount.

If you have deposited money through a credit card in your account, then the withdrawal will also be made in the same credit card even if you have mentioned any other payment method in the withdrawal process.

eToro's minimum withdrawal amount is $30
eToro's minimum withdrawal amount is $30

If your first attempt to withdraw does not succeed, then the withdrawal will be made to your secondary payment option. If you wish to make a withdrawal to your PayPal account, you will be required to login to your PayPal account for claiming the funds.

Important: We highly recommend verifying the email address of your PayPal account before making any withdrawal.

Any eToro withdraw request is subject for checking and approval by their finance team in compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) laws and regulations.

Withdrawal Processing Time

It is very frustrating if your withdrawal request takes a lot of days to process. This is the case of some brokers and in some situations, the withdrawal request does not even succeed.
That's annoying, right?

So how long does eToro takes to process a withdrawal request?
Luckily, the withdrawal processing feature of eToro is very quick and it takes only three days to transfer funds from your eToro account to your credit card or bank account.

The standard processing time for verified accounts is 1 working day and depending on the payment method that will be used, it may take 1 to 8 working days for the funds to reflect on the account.

It means that eToro is highly reliable because they transfer your funds within minimum possible time and without any difficulty.


An online digital wallet is available for all users of eToro who have an active account. This can be used for buying and selling cryptoassets, transfer the tokens or convert from one cryptocurrency to another.

It supports more than 120 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin, and comes with an in-app conversion feature that can support over 500 varying crypto pairs.

eToro Wallet app
eToro Wallet app

The eToro Wallet can also be used for monitoring your cryptocurrency trading portfolio and can be accessed on different devices via their dedicated mobile app, which can be installed on iOS and Android devices.

Bear in mind:
This digital wallet cannot be accessed on a browser and is only available for mobile devices.

Note: To open an eToro Wallet, you'll need to sign-up for an eToro account. These are the same account details and credentials that will be used to access this service.


Cryptoasset investing is unregulated in some EU countries and the UK. No consumer protection. Your capital is at risk.


  • No deposit fees
  • Transparency on current spreads and overnight fees
  • Very simple to avoid inactivity fee
  • $10 monthly inactivity fee if no login for 12 months

eToro is very transparent in terms of charges as there are no hidden fees.


eToro gets the benefit only from the market spread that is the difference between the selling and buying price of the instrument. It is not benefited from commissions. This a very small amount added to the trading transaction.


ForexStarts at 1 pip
IndicesStarts at 100 pips
CommoditiesStarts at 2 pips
CryptocurrenciesStarts at 0.75%
Stocks and ETFs0.09%
eToro minimum spreads per market category

Their spreads are variable (or floating), which means that the value between the ask and bid prices constantly changes. It may fluctuate based on the current market conditions, which may be affected by several factors.

In comparison, other renowned services earn a lot from commissions when you trade on a particular share. The commission value is dependent on the country or market. Only eToro allows you to earn with zero commissions.

Some instruments have dynamic spreads. They vary sometimes whereas some instruments have fixed spreads and they do not change.

Look: It is very important for you to get yourself familiarize with spreads as it indicates the amount that you will earn with the successful trade.

A detailed eToro spreads page has been created to give you more information about this matter.

Overnight Funding

This is the amount that will be added or subtracted to your account if you hold a position for more than a day.

Here is how it works:
If you are interested to know the details, you can select the desired asset on the trading platform, click the Trade button and you will be able to see the daily and weekend overnight fees at the bottom of the pop-up window.

eToro overnight fee
eToro overnight fee

Inactivity Fee

You will be charged $10 if you stay away from your account for 12 months. This cost is due to the active service and maintenance of your account.

The best thing is: You can avoid this fee by signing in daily to your account as it will not take more than a minute to do this. Besides, 12 months is such a long time if you're a trader, regardless of your experience, to leave your account dormant for that period.

Trading Tools

  • Shows the percentage of traders buying/selling on a particular asset
  • Detailed instrument stats
  • High quality charts
  • Research information only accessible if you have a funded account

The trading tools are very important to speculate on the position of the market. eToro has a variety of tools that helps you to make an analysis of historical prices, events, and trends for successful trading.

News Feed

What's great about eToro is that it has incorporated not just real-time news feed for a particular instrument but also feeds from other traders as well.

eToro news feed
eToro news feed

That means you'll get useful information not just from news resources but also from other users who are also interested about this market. By following professional traders, you'll get more insights on which markets they are investing on and what their opinions are.

It's like having a Facebook newsfeed of anything related to your favorite asset and it's really helpful in knowing the latest trends. In addition, it's also having like a customized feed of trader opinions and sentiments.

Charts and Indicators

If you like to use the charts feature to do the technical analysis, then you will definitely like the charts tools of eToro. The below-mentioned chart styles are made available by this broker:

  • Candle
  • Hollow Candle
  • Bar
  • Line
  • Mountain
eToro trading charts
eToro trading charts

There are more than 70 technical indicators for you if you are really interested in the deep analysis via Studies I and II. This gives you the opportunity to know the upcoming market situation. Below are just some of the many indicators that you can use:

  • Alligator
  • Bollinger Bands
  • MACD
  • Parabolic SAR
  • RAVI
  • RSI
  • Standard Deviation
  • Weighted Close


  • Most of the resources are free
  • Education center can be expanded further

If you want to be a professional in this field, then eToro's trading academy is the best tool to learn and refresh your knowledge.

While talking about the other trading services, they offer particular education centers and trading academies, eToro keeps up with the competition as it has all the essential tutorials and information regarding their service and how you can be a better trader.

eToro trading academy
eToro trading academy

For those who are serious in learning about how trading works and how to improve their trading strategies, there's the eToro Trading Academy which is comprised of various guides, courses, guides, podcasts and webinars which can be accessed for free. Do take note that some features are only available to certain club members.

eToro has a specialized financial trading Trading Academy which is not just for newbies but also for advanced traders as well. Via these resources, you will have the opportunity to enhance your trading skills:

  • Live Webinars: With the help of their online trading experts, you'll be able to learn your way around the platform and get top trading tips.
  • eCourse: This is an exclusive financial trading online course which allows you to learn and understand financial trading without any time pressure.
  • Trading Videos: If you're not fond of reading then their videos are you next best learning tool.

A user manual or e-book is not available since covering all of their online trading services and features are too broad to be covered in just a single document. These are instead broken down into several sections via their trading academy, eToro education menu and help page.

Customer Support

  • Well-trained support agents
  • Available 24/5
  • Ticket submissions available

Getting in touch with eToro's support service is very easy and can be done in a number of ways.

Never forget:
When selecting a broker to sign-up with, the factor of customer support service is of great importance. The customer support service of any trading website should provide you the required information and they should adopt every possible measure to help you out.

The good news is…
This is what the customer support service of eToro actually does!

eToro help page
eToro help page

They can be accessed via the most common methods available: email and live chat. Phone support is no longer available as with most brokerages but the live chat support is a much better option since you can get in touch with them using a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The eToro customer service department's availability is 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday. They do not provide support on weekends.

So how did it turn out?
To check their support service quality, we contacted them via email and threw a set of questions. They were able to provide us with all the answers that we need professionally and without any marketing tactics. We were also suprised that response time didn't take too long given that the correspondence is via email.

eToro Customer Service Center
eToro Customer Service Center

We've also tried contacting them via live chat and also sent them the same kinds of questions that we asked via phone. Satisfactorily, they were able to provide the same answers in detail.

eToro live chat
eToro live chat

Take note: The customer support service through live chat can only be accessed if you are registered and logged in on eToro account.

The reality is that:
The customer support service of other brokerages takes more than 24 hours to answer an email. This is the reason that the customer support service of eToro is best and very fast.

Moreover, we noticed that the reply to our inquiries was very sincere, quick, and honest. Their staff did not try to market their service at all and that's the kind of support that we're looking for.

Bottom line?
The customer support service of eToro is very quick, sincere and honest. They are well-trained and can answer all of your questions and within no time.


eToro currently has 4 offices across the globe. These offices have been established in accordance with the regulators that have granted the licenses of their subsidiaries:


Operating Company Office Address
221 River Street, 9th Floor
Hoboken, New Jersey 07030 USA
UK eToro (UK) Ltd.
24th floor, One Canada Square Canary Wharf
London, E14 5AB United Kingdom
Europe eToro (Europe) Ltd.
4 Profiti Ilia Street, Kanika International Business Center (KIBC) 7th Floor Germasogeia 4046
Limassol, Cyprus
Australia eToro AUS Capital Limited
L3 – 60 Castlereagh Street
Sydney, New South Wales 2000 Australia
eToro Offices

Take note: There's no need to visit these offices for account-related concerns, issues or queries as these can all be taken care of by their customer service team via email or live chat.


  • Licensed from different regulators
  • Functioning since the year 2007
  • One of the pioneers in social trading
  • Good number of reviews and ratings

eToro has been able to keep an established credibility since the company started its operations.

Is eToro Safe?

That's the magic question. If fact, this is a very common question and here's the answer:

eToro is definitely a safe and secure platform for trading. They have a good background and history and has never been flagged by financial authorities for any violations.

We've also done an extensive research on the user ratings and from various review sites and we found that most of them are highly satisfactory. They also have a fair share of negative reviews of course but in comparison to the positive ones, it's just minor. In Google Play for example, they have a rating of 4, which is quite a good score.

eToro app rating on Google Play
eToro app rating on Google Play

They also have good reviews on the App Store and its current rating from Apple users is 4.0. These are strong indications that they are trusted and safe.

eToro app rating on App Store
eToro app rating on App Store

We've also done a comprehensive research from trusted review sites including Investopedia, NerdWallet, Forbes, G2, Trustpilot, Benzinga, Google Play and App Store, and discovered that eToro's ratings are mostly high with very good comments and points made.

We can't stress more than this:
You should trade on a platform that is transparent. eToro is not only transparent and honest but also very friendly and they even go the extra mile to facilitate you so it's safe to say that they have a sound reputation.

In conclusion, eToro is the best platform in terms of safety for trading.


Is eToro regulated?
Yes, the eToro group is operated by different regulated companies and each entity has a license from a top-tier and trusted financial authority to provide specific services and products.

  • UK: eToro (UK) Ltd. regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • Cyprus: eToro (Europe) Ltd. regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)
  • USA: eToro USA LLC registered with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)
  • Australia: eToro Australia Pty Ltd. regulated by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC)

Aside from the numerous eToro reviews that are available online which are mostly positive, the company being regulated is among the primary factors why they have a good reputation. They comply with specific regulatory framework and these guidelines are different per financial authority. This basically means that the available services, products and coverage may differ according to the operating entity that you are dealing with.

To find out which specific eToro regulation your trading account is under, this can be determined via the Terms and Conditions that you agreed upon during the registration process or by simply accessing your profile settings.


In the year 2007, eToro came into existence, so it has been more than a decade since it provides the CFD service to traders. The period of over ten years is undoubtedly enough to prove their constancy.

And it is important to know that they also have a license to operate from trusted financial regulators. The above mentioned are enough to conclude that eToro is a verified and financially strong organization for trading.

What else?
eToro doesn't charge any commission on any of the transactions and for this reason, it is appreciated by many traders. This fact can be proved by the reviews and comments that are available on famous forex trading forums, sites and on even social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

There is an agreement of sponsorship by eToro with the Premier League and in fact, it is the club's biggest club sponsor for the 2021/22 season. The sponsorship with sports clubs such as this one is too costly specifically if this is a long-term sustainable agreement.

So what do we mean by this? It indicates that eToro is financially strong to sign such agreements and are stable!


💰 Minimum Deposit $10 - $1000 (depends on country)
📈 Assets 3000+
🛍️ Asset Types Stocks, Commodities, Currencies, Indices, Crypto, ETFs
💱 Spreads Variable
💳 Deposit Methods Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Rapid Transfer, iDEAL, Klarna/Sofort Banking, Bank Transfer, Local Online Banking
🖥️ Demo Account Yes (Unlimited)
👮‍♂️ Regulation FCA (UK), CySEC (Cyprus), ASIC (Australia)
💁 Customer Support Email, Live Chat
eToro Broker Details

eToro Video Reviews

User Reviews

Listed below are the latest comments from eToro traders. These comments were verified and checked for reliability.


Arthur B. says...
As a user who have been trading with eToro since 2014, I could say that this platform is the best out there. I've tried other brokers like Plus500 and Oanda but their apps are not user-friendly as compared to eToro, which is not complicated to use. I've also seen a lot of improvements with their features and services particularly with the copy trading and the assets that they offer. When I started with them, there were just around 1000 instruments but now, there are over 3000 assets to invest on. The only disadvantage that I wish they can improve on are the spreads, which are just average. Lastly, their customer service remains to be top notch and this is one of the primary reasons why I chose to stay with them. They really take good care of their clients and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who's interested to trade online 👍
Donna N. says...
The copy trading is among the best features that I really liked about eToro. It makes online trading a lot more interesting (and fun I would say) because it gives you the opportunity to see the portfolio of other top-performing investors and all you need to do is to choose the right people to follow and copy. I'm not really a fan of learning trends and graphs so this much simpler way of trading works for me. If there's anything to improve on, it would probably be their non-trading fees such as the inactivity and withdrawal charges which I think they should lower down a bit or, if possible, waive it especially for long-time users. If you're like me who likes to try investing online but don't know where to start, then I highly suggest that you go with eToro.
Mark K. says...
I have been an eToro user for over 5 years already and during this entire period, I haven’t experienced any serious issues with their platform or apps on my phone. There were some occasional downtimes and sometimes a long waiting time to get an agent via live chat but other than that, it was a positive experience. The ability to just copy the trades of professional traders is really what got me into this and it’s a lot more promising especially if you have followed and copied the right users. Just make sure that you configure the risk management tools like stop-loss and take-profit so you can have more control over your trades. The market can be very volatile so it’s best to utilize these tools.


So what's the result of this comprehensive review?
Based on our detailed test and research, eToro is a very stable online trading and investment service having all the important aspects and risk management tools that are suitable for traders of all types and that includes beginners, intermediate, and the experienced ones as well. Their minimum deposit requirement is reasonable so you won't have to shell out a huge amount just to get started.

Guess, what is the best thing?
They have a complete trading package. It provides the best trading opportunities, reliable and quick order processing, and a friendly customer support team that is very quick and knowledgeable enough to easily answer all of your inquiries.

It's not really surprising if other brokerages follow their footsteps (although it would be really hard for them to emulate this one) as it is the best trading service in the market because of its numerous notable features particularly its unique social investment network.

Click the button and you'll be directed to the quick registration page

eToro is a multi-asset platform which offers both investing in stocks and cryptoassets, as well as trading CFDs.

Please note that CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 78% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Past performance is not an indication of future results. Trading history presented is less than 5 complete years and may not suffice as basis for investment decision.

Copy trading is a portfolio management service, provided by eToro (Europe) Ltd., which is authorised and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

Cryptoasset investing is unregulated in some EU countries and the UK. No consumer protection. Your capital is at risk.

eToro USA LLC does not offer CFDs and makes no representation and assumes no liability as to the accuracy or completeness of the content of this publication, which has been prepared by our partner utilizing publicly available non-entity specific information about eToro.

VISIT ETORO 78% of retail CFD accounts lose money