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eToro Careers

How do I apply for eToro?

eToro has an easy online application for most job openings. Alternatively, you can also be a trader.

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The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Career With eToro

If you are interested in charting a career working for eToro, you may find this section useful where it details some information related to career opportunities, human resources and the over-all workforce of the company.

Table of Contents

  1. eToro Jobs
    What positions are available? (26sec)
  2. Regional Offices with Job Openings
    Which offices around the world have job opportunities? (24sec)
  3. Hiring Process
    What is the recruitment process? (19sec)
  4. Ways of Hiring
    What are the methods of recruiting candidates? (24sec)
  1. Human Resources
    eToro's HR department? (28sec)
  2. How to Apply for an Open Position?
    How do I submit an application? (45sec)
  3. eToro Employees
    How many employees does eToro have? (11sec)
  4. Key Management People at eToro
    Who are part of the eToro team? (10sec)

eToro Jobs

eToro normally post job vacancies on their business social media account in LinkedIn. To check for open positions, simply go to their Linkedin profile and click “Jobs”.

eToro usually have open positions for IT-related jobs, Community Managers, SEO Specialists, Social Media Managers and Customer Service Representatives.

Job openings posted on eToro's LinkedIn account
Job openings posted on eToro's LinkedIn account

eToro also publish job vacancies on their website in the Careers page. To view the open positions simply go to the “About” page of eToro, then click “Careers” and then select “View Job Openings”.

eToro Careers page
eToro Careers page

Regional Offices with Job Openings

Since eToro has set up offices all over the world, they need to hire staff members to work on these offices. Here are the locations of eToro’s worldwide offices where job vacancies may become available:


North America Europe Asia Pacific Middle East
USA (New Jersey) Cyprus Australia (New South Wales) Israel
  Gibraltar (Gibraltar)    
  Ukraine (Kiev)    
  Denmark (Copenhagen)    
  Belgium (Vlaanderen)    
  Germany (Frankfurt)    
eToro regional offices that regularly have job openings

Hiring Process

The most commonly hiring process practiced by the HR Managers of eToro includes these steps:

  1. Selection of candidates from a pool of applicants
  2. Examinations of selected applicants
  3. Initial interview of applicants who passed the exams. This is usually done by an HR Manager.
  4. Second interview. Usually done by the immediate superior depending on the position department.
  5. Final interview conducted by a Division Manager or Regional Manager
  6. Training and seminars

Ways of Hiring

With exception of extraordinary instances such as hiring of executive-level positions where in-person interaction is required, the main way of hiring is done online. Applicants can send their CV’s online through the website of eToro or through their Linkedin page.

After evaluation, applicants will be contacted to undergo the process of hiring that includes taking an online examination and going through a series of interview all of which are done online. Interviews for non-remote work positions are done in-person.

Human Resources

Currently, the Human Resources Department of eToro is headed by Miri Kedem, the Vice President of Human Resources as stated in eToro's About the Team page.

According to eToro's website, Miri Kedem is described as:[1]

She leads the Human Resources Department in all aspects including talent acquisition, training and development, performance management, compensation programs, succession planning, employee relations and welfare. Prior to joining eToro, she worked in HR for several leading companies including: Fraud Sciences (acquired by PayPal), Wiseband Communication, Optibase LTD, and Mercury Interactive (acquired by HP). Miri holds a BA & LLB, Bachelor of Law.

How to Apply for an Open Position?

To apply for an existing open position in eToro, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to
    eToro homepage
    eToro homepage
  2. Click “Company” on the upper part of the page and select “Careers”.
    "Careers" link under "Company" menu of eToro's homepage
    "Careers" link under "Company" menu of eToro's homepage
  3. Click “View Job Openings”.
    eToro Careers page
    eToro Careers page
  4. A list of eToro's offices will be shown. Click the location where you live or reside nearby.
    eToro regional offices with job openings
    eToro regional offices with job openings
  5. A list of open positions will be displayed below.
    Job openings at eToro
    Job openings at eToro
  6. Choose the position suited for your skills and knowledge or you can click “Details” to learn more about the open position's job requirements.
    Sample of a job opening detail at eToro
    Sample of a job opening detail at eToro
  7. Click “Apply for this Job”.
    Applying for a job in eToro
    Applying for a job in eToro
  8. Fill-up the online form with all the required information.
    eToro's online application form
    eToro's online application form
  9. Click “Attach Portfolio” to attach a file of your portfolio.
    Attaching portfolio on eToro's online application form
    Attaching portfolio on eToro's online application form
  10. Finish the application process by clicking “Submit Application”.
    Submitting online application to eToro
    Submitting online application to eToro

eToro Employees

According to latest figures (August 2021), eToro has more than 1900 employees with most of them working in the four main regional offices of eToro located in London (United Kingdom), Sydney (Australia), Limassol (Cyprus) and New Jersey (USA).

Key Management People at eToro

Here are the main executives of eToro:

Yoni Assia: Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Ronen Assia: Founder & Executive Director

Shalom Berkovitz: CFO and Deputy CEO

Avi Sela: Chief Operation Officer

Tal Ben-Simon: Vice President, Product

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