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Greatland Gold Stock Trading

How to Buy GGP Shares?

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The Ultimate Guide to Trading Greatland Gold Shares

Greatland Gold is a world-class mining development and exploration firm specializing in precious metals. They are developing the world-class Havieron gold-copper mine in Western Australia's Paterson area. They also have a multi-project exploration potential in a low-risk jurisdiction.

Table of Contents

  1. History of Greatland Gold
    How did Greatland Gold start? (41sec)
  2. What is Greatland Gold's Share Symbol?
    Greatland Gold stock ticker (18sec)
  3. Greatland Gold's Price History
    Historical prices (19sec)
  4. Share Split
    Did GGP do a stock split? (58sec)
  5. Greatland Gold Share Chart
    View GGP historial stock data (33sec)
  1. Greatland Gold Stock News
    The latest GGP news and other vital information (15sec)
  2. Why Greatland Gold Share is Down?
    Possible causes (36sec)
  3. Greatland Gold Shares Forecast
    Will GGP go up or down? (20sec)
  4. Should I Buy Greatland Gold Shares?
    Why invest on GGP shares? (34sec)
  5. How to Trade Greatland Gold Shares?
    Start investing (25sec)

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History of Greatland Gold

Greatland has a history of successful exploration and discovery, and it is pursuing the next generation of tier-one mineral deposits by employing advanced exploration techniques in under-explored areas. Greatland discovered the world-class Havieron gold-copper investment in Western Australia's Paterson continent.

Greatland Gold logo
Greatland Gold logo

The primary commodities are gold, copper, nickel, and cobalt. Following recent excellent results, it is rapidly advancing key exploration targets in the Paterson region of Western Australia. In March 2019, Havieron signed a $65 million Farm-In Agreement with Newcrest to develop the project.

The first hole of the second drill campaign at Havieron produced spectacular results, with a total combined intercept of 275m at 4.77g/t gold and 0.61 percent copper capitalized to sustain the momentum established in 2018 and accelerate exploration activities in 2019 (approximately £4 million cash in the bank as of December 31, 2018).

What is Greatland Gold's Share Symbol?

GGP is the stock symbol for Greatland Gold shares. This ticker symbol is a key used to locate a corporation's profile or trading page on a stock brokerage business or exchange. Traders will have an easier time discovering the firm. Greatland Gold plc is only available on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange (AIM).

Greatland Gold's Price History

GGP reached an all-time low of 0.60 on September 27, 2015. The trading volume during that day was just 5.44 million. On the other hand, the company’s shares managed to reach an all-time high of 37.35 on December 20, 2020, with a trading volume of 142.86 million. For the year 2021, GGP shares started with 36.4 and closed ended at 16.

Share Split

In the GGP stock split history database, GGP (GGP) has undergone 3 splits. GGP's first split occurred on December 8, 2003. It was a 3:1 split, which meant that for every share of GGP owned before the split, the shareholder now owned three shares.

On January 13, 2012, GGP split for the second time. It was a 1029:1000 split, which meant that for every 1000 shares of GGP before the split, the shareholder now owned 1029.

GGP's third split occurred on November 10, 2010. It was a 126:100 split, meaning that the shareholder now owned 126 shares of GGP for every 100 shares before the split.

When a company, such as GGP, splits its shares, the market capitalization remains stable before and after the split, implying that the shareholder now owns more shares, but each is valued at a lower price per share.

A lower-priced stock on a per-share basis, on the other hand, can often attract a broader range of buyers. If the increased demand causes the share price to rise, the total market capitalization will increase following the split. This does not always occur, and it is frequently dependent on the underlying fundamentals of the business.

Greatland Gold Share Chart

In a stock chart, the price of a GGP stock is represented over a specified period, chart period, price change, and volume. Stock charts can assist you in identifying less hazardous entry points. It is easier to determine the levels at which you will stop or buy more without suffering significant losses or forfeiting gains, and the risk is reduced.

Stock charts analyze market data to discover the ideal times to buy and sell GGP stock. You'll have faster access to the information you need to make good trading decisions if you have well-designed charts. The faster you can assess market data, the quicker you react to the stock's changing position.

Greatland Gold Stock News

Be updated on the Greatland Gold (GGP) Share status by reading recent news about the company and the events that occur in its industry. Doing this can help you predict future stock price changes. Recent discoveries about Anomalous gold can significantly affect how they manage their stocks.

Why Greatland Gold Share is Down?

Even though the firm has issued a series of good updates from its flagship project this 2021, the stock price of Greatland Gold has continued to fall.

The company's investment case has strengthened as it has moved forward with its joint venture partner exploring the Haverion prospect. However, many investors in the year 2020 who want to make a quick profit haven't had the patience to wait. That's why some investors pulled out their investments.

Mining firms in their early stages are typically risky investments. There is always the possibility that the company may run out of cash before its project generates income. Mine development is also extremely costly, and obtaining the appropriate approvals from authorities might take years.

Greatland Gold Shares Forecast

Greatland Gold is upgrading their resources at the Havieron project in Australia, which likely means more positive updates will be on the way. GGP investors are working on a lot of projects for the future and all of them look optimistic. Analysts think that the deposits here might hold a lot of potential in terms of their size, but we'll need to wait to see.

Should I Buy Greatland Gold Shares?

Canaccord Genuity has set a goal of approximately doubling the price of Greatland Gold PLC shares in response to Newcrest's increase of resources at the Havieron project in Australia. Canaccord leads to long-term gold upgrades in a note, repeating a speculative buy rating and a 25p price target (current price 14p).

Notably, Greatland Gold published this resource update 'unilaterally' (and independently verified by SRK Consulting), following Newcrest's decision not to include new Havieron drilling in its most new update to resources and reserves throughout its portfolio. With these, investors will probably be anticipating more on the resource front as it is worth noting the outstanding progress made by the company.

How to Trade Greatland Gold Shares?

GGP shares can be traded online on a variety of platforms. You may use several online trading platforms to trade stocks and other financial products, but you must have an ID, bank account, and NI number to create an account.

eToro does not yet support trading in GGP shares. But the good thing is that eToro has plenty of mining-related stocks (as well as those from various other industries) that you may review and perhaps invest in or trade-in.

Stock trading with eToro
Stock trading with eToro

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