Despite operating mainly within the Russian Federation region, Eurasia Mining is a United Kingdom-based mineral exploration corporation. Listed on the London Stock Exchange's sub-market AIM, the company focuses on mining Gold, Copper and involves itself in several Platinum Group Mineral (PGM) projects.

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History of Eurasia Mining

Eurasia Mining PLC was founded and Incorporated in Wales and England in 1996. The company's principal activities include mining of Gold and several minerals in Russia. To date, Eurasia has led various projects across the region such as the Monchetundra Flanks, the Rosgeo JV Projects and the West Kytlim mining site in the Ural Mountains. Subsidiaries includes the ZAO Eurasia Mining, Urals Alluvial Platinum Limited, Eurasia Mining UK and more.

Eurasia Mining logo
Eurasia Mining logo

What is Eurasia Mining's Share Symbol?

The share symbol for Eurasia Mining, Inc. is EUA or EUA.L. You can use this particular ticker symbol for searching the company's profile or trading page with a stock brokerage firm or exchange. This makes it easier for traders to locate the company.

Eurasia Mining's Price History

The share price of Eurasia Mining (EUA) has seen a tremendous growth of 1,800% in the last five years. From $0.72, it has now reached a range of $14.45 per share in early 2021. In the past year however, the stock price of EUA dipped 61.8% causing some financial watchers to regard EUA as a medium volatile stock.

Share Split

Eurasia Mining (EUA) has not yet undergone any stock splits in its history on the stock market.

Eurasia Mining Share Chart

You can use a stock chart to quickly see Eurasia Mining's performance in the stock market. And if you're planning to apply further chart analysis, it is recommended that you use one that provides advanced charting features so that you'll able to make wiser decisions when investing on the shares of this mining company.

Eurasia Mining Stock News

You can keep track of Eurasia Mining by reading the most recent news about this mineral exploration company. This is the most recommended way to be updated with EUA since getting the latest company news and updates can help in predicting future stock price changes.

Why Eurasia Mining Share is Down?

Since February of 2022, the stock price of Eurasia Mining (EUA) continue to slide primarily due to the impact of the 2022 Russia-Ukraine war.

Concerns that the company will be caught up with the economic sanctions being imposed by the United States and other European countries has made investors into thinking twice of investing on EUA.

Eurasia Mining Shares Forecast

The positive news for the company however, lies on its vast reserves of gold and silver, that amounts to 8 and 68 tonnes respectively as well as large amounts of copper. With these three precious metals being an integral part of the movement to transition to greener alternatives, where silver is an important element in the creation of solar panels and copper for electric vehicles, financial watchers expect the company to rebound as soon as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine subsides.

It is highly possible that Eurasia Mining (EUA) will greatly benefit from the increased demand of these precious metals.

Should I Buy Eurasia Mining Shares?

If one would disregard to Russian-Ukraine conflict and just focus on the performance of Eurasia Mining both in its operation and stock market position, one would easily notice the company's increasing sales and solid cash balance. These factors make EUA a more tempting stock buy to hold for future yields.

Among the key points for this optimistic forecast are:

  • The company is not being mentioned as a possible target of Western economic sanctions
  • Sales have increased ten times in 2021 alone
  • An anonymous buyer has made plans to buy most of the company's assets

Still, the monkey on the back of traders looking to buy EUA shares is still the escalating conflict between Russian and Ukraine. The war has already caused EUA stocks to go down 45% from February to March 2022 alone. However, signs are pointing to a rebound in the future as the company avoids economic sanctions by the West.

The forecast for EUA falls strongly on the area of speculative buy. Hold on to it and wait for the company's continued progress for some price surge on the market. On the other hand, a prolonged Russia-Ukraine conflict can make EUA a more volatile stock.

How to Trade Eurasia Mining Shares?

To buy or trade Eurasia Mining shares, you need to sign up for an account on any online brokerage firm of social trading platform. All you will need to do is verify your account using your Government-issued ID and deposit a fund to start trading.

Remember: As of today, EUA is not yet available for trading on eToro. The good news however is that there are a lot more interesting mining-related stocks (and various industries) listed on eToro for you to explore further to invest or trade on.

Stock trading with eToro
Stock trading with eToro

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77% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.