Centrica PLC is a British global energy and services corporation headquartered in Windsor, Berkshire. Its main business is supplying energy and gas to customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It also provides electricity to companies in the United Kingdom and low-carbon energy solutions to customers worldwide.

As the company pursues lower-carbon, more efficient solutions, the energy system becomes more decentralized. This means that more technologies are available and attainable closer to the customer.

Through eToro's online trading platform, you can invest in Centrica shares. Read the article below if you want in-depth information on this investment option.

Explore eToro and discover Centrica shares trading!

77% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

History of Centrica

Centrica is founded on a proud 200-year heritage of serving clients in their comfortable homes and businesses. From the early days of supplying gas and coal to being an energy and services company to this day, they have adjusted and improved to meet clients' needs.

Centrica PLC is the United Kingdom's largest gas supplier, providing almost 16 million residents and a developing force throughout the country's electric sector. Centrica was established upon the separation of British Gas around 1997 and acquired the gas supply part of the corporation and the privileges of the British Gas brand.

Centrica logo
Centrica logo

The state-owned British Gas Corporation became privatized in 1986, British Gas PLC was launched, and the British government imposed almost 4,025 million shares.

Centrica entered the North American energy industry in 2000 and was extended by acquiring Enbridge Services in January 2002. It bought North Sea gas producer Venture Production in August 2009.

Centrica has committed to acquire 5 billion cubic meters of gas per year from the same business from 2015 to 2025, or 5% of UK gas consumption. In July 2013, the company announced a $1.03 billion acquisition of Hess Corporation's energy marketing unit.

Centrica paid roughly €1.1 billion in March 2014 for the retail unit and other assets of Ireland's state-owned Bord Gáis.

In July 2020, Centrica announced the sale of its Direct Energy unit in North America to NRG Energy for $3.63 billion to focus more on its home markets. The proceeds from the transaction will be used to reduce net debt and contribute to pension programs.

What is Centrica's Share Symbol?

Centrica's ticker symbol is CNA or CNA.L. It's available for purchase on the eToro social trading and multi-asset brokerage marketplace. This symbol can be used to find the company's trading page on your brokerage firm's website and secure or buy shares in Centrica.

Centrica's Price History

Centrica’s stock market value reached an all-time high closing price of 402.20 on September 15, 2013. After reaching this peak, the company’s share price went on a downward trend for many years until it reached a bottom price of 31.81 on April 12, 2020. The British gas giant struggled to turn its fortunes in a market marked by dropping natural gas prices, regulatory pricing controls, and aggressive union action.

But since reaching this significant bottom, CNA shares have risen steadily and made significant strides.. Centrica's stock has lately risen after the business announced a $3.6 billion deal to sell its North American unit to Direct Energy, which should give enough cash for its management team to continue reforming the company.

Share Split

Centrica PLC's share capital was consolidated in two instances, in 1999 and 2004, and in 2008 the Company offered shareholders the right to subscribe for additional shares as set out below:

The Company's ordinary share capital was consolidated on May 10, 1999, based on nine new common shares of 5 5/9 pence for every ten ordinary shares of 5 pence owned on May 7, 1999. On June 23, 1999, a special dividend of 12 pence per share was paid, triggering the consolidation.

Centrica announced the acquisition of the AA on July 5, 1999. According to the ensuing arrangement, which was accepted by the AA, each fully paid up member on July 4, 1999, at midnight, was entitled to a cash payment of 248.56 euro, which was paid by cheque in mid-October 1999.

Centrica provided a low-cost share-dealing service for qualifying members who wanted to invest their consideration in Centrica's ordinary shares.

The payout was treated as income by the Inland Revenue, just like corporation dividends. The data were included in a tax voucher, which indicated a tax credit of £27.62 and a cash payment of £248.56.

The AA sale for a total consideration of £1.75 billion was announced on July 1, 2004. The sale's net revenues supported a proposed special dividend of 25p per share, accompanied by a share consolidation. In addition, a £500 million rolling share repurchase program over the next 12 months was announced.

On November 17, 2004, both the special dividend and the recently announced interim dividend of 2.5p per share were paid. The proposed special dividend amounted to around 10% of Centrica's market capitalization as of the end of business on September 30, 2004.

The share consolidation will also lower the Centrica shares in circulation by about 10%, assuming nine new shares for every ten now owned. On October 22, 2004, nine new ordinary shares of 6 14/81 pence each were issued for every ten existing common shares of 5 5/9 pence apiece.

The new ordinary shares will be handled as though they were purchased simultaneously as your original holding. As a result, your aggregate base cost remains the same as in February 1997, while the base price per share has grown due to the two share consolidations, which resulted in fewer shares.

On October 31, 2008, a Rights Issue was announced, with three new ordinary shares issued for every eight existing shares owned on November 14, 2008, at a subscription price of 160 pence per share. On December 15, 2008, trading in new fully paid ordinary shares began on the London Stock Exchange.

Centrica Stock After Hours

Centrica starts trading on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) at 8:00 pm and closes at 4:30 pm, every Monday to Friday.

Setting Centrica share order on eToro during after hours
Setting Centrica share order on eToro during after hours

If you wish to invest in CNA shares but the market is closed, you have the option to set an after hours order at eToro. This will be executed at the first available rate once market has opened. After setting an order, the amount that you allocated shall be deducted from your funds and will be reserved for this order. While the market is still closed, you can cancel any after hours order since this is still considered as a pending.

Centrica Share Chart

If you're looking for CNA share charts then you should take advantage of eToro's ProChart feature that allows you to adjust the layouts and rearrange the chart labels. Simply follow these steps to get started with ProChart:

  1. Click on Watchlist.
  2. Select a chart to view.
  3. To begin customizing your ProChart, click the buttons on the upper right side of the chart.
Centrica stock chart on eToro's platform
Centrica stock chart on eToro's platform

ProChart was designed by eToro with manual traders in mind, and it is focused solely on client feedback. After determining what traders need, eToro created ProCharts, tailoring it to be efficient, intuitive, and relevant.

The platform constantly strives to improve every trading experience and provide the best trading tools. ProCharts is the most recent addition, which allows you to stay up to date on your preferred tools and conduct in-depth technical analysis on Centrica stocks.

Centrica Stock News

To be informed about what is occurring inside Centrica and how it may affect the company's stock performance, it is advisable to read the most recent Centrica news.

You can also monitor Centrica's newest developments on eToro's social investment network by visiting the Centrica trading page and subscribing to the feeds of the asset's best stock traders. You'll be able to see any pertinent current events being discussed that potentially affect this company's stock price.

Centrica news on eToro's platform
Centrica news on eToro's platform

Tip: You can take advantage of the News tab which has a list of relevant news updates about this company. You may use this information to make wiser trading decisions but keep in mind that this feature is only accessible if you have a funded eToro account.

Why are Centrica Shares Down?

Centrica has previously turned a profit. On the other hand, it reported a loss for the previous months, implying that the business isn't consistently profitable. Other measurements may fluctuate in response to supply and demand. When more individuals desire to acquire this stock than sell it, the price rises.

When more people choose to sell a stock than buy it, the price falls. Controversially, the company's revenue decline of 9.7 percent per year from 2015 through 2020 shows that it will not grow in the long run. This has most likely motivated some shareholders to sell their investments.

Centrica's share price movement has already been discussed, but it should also include its Total Shareholder Return (TSR).

The TSR is a computation of return that considers the value of cash dividends (assuming that any dividend received was reinvested) and the calculated value of any discounted capital raisings and spin-offs. Centrica's TSR fell by 72 percent from 2015 until 2020. Because it has paid dividends, this was not as poor as its share price return.

On the other hand, It's encouraging to see that Centrica has rewarded shareholders with a total shareholder return of 27% over 2020. Those current gains are undeniably superior to the TSR loss of 11% per year from 2016 until 2021. They are cautious because of the long-term loss, but the short-term TSR gain suggests a brighter future.

Centrica Shares Forecast

On eToro's platform, the Centrica or CNA.L stock trading area has a "Research" button beside Charts and News that analyzes forecasts based on the market analyst deliberations. This feature will provide information on the current activity of the top CNA.L stock investors and their perspectives on the stock.

Centrica stock analyst consensus and price target
Centrica stock analyst consensus and price target

Further, you must be a registered member with a verified and financed account to access the Research area.

Should I Buy Centrica Shares?

A £2.2 billion energy firm with shares down 45 percent may appear to be too good to pass up. However, before investing in Centrica, you must do a fundamental analysis - both positive and negative. The positive factor for Centrica is asset divestiture, a phrase that refers to selling one's assets.

The sale of Direct Energy has not yet been completed (NRG Energy must first raise $3 billion), and the parties have signed a comprehensive purchase agreement. Once the sale is completed, Centrica will use the sales revenues to reduce its net debt and improve its financial situation, which will boost the stock price.

On the other hand, one of Centrica's disadvantages is its poor share price history. Centrica's difficulties began before Covid-19. As previously stated, the stock has been decreasing since 2015. As a result, it will take more than the conclusion of the lockdown to turn things around.

How to Trade Centrica Shares?

Via a licensed and regulated online brokerage firm like eToro, you'll be able to invest in Centrica shares in a few quick steps. It also provides an easy, accessible way to trade with no commission when you open a Buy position for real stocks.

In addition, you can also access the full market through what is known as margin trading. This involves using contracts for difference (CFD), which differ from the stocks themselves in that investors do not need to own them. You can also trade Centrica stock CFDs with leverage to get more exposure. However, this comes with increased risks.

Trading Centrica shares on eToro's platform
Trading Centrica shares on eToro's platform

Here's the deal:
By investing on CFDs, you can speculate on whether Centrica's share price will rise or fall.

How to Buy Centrica Shares on eToro?

  1. Login or create an account with eToro if you don't have one.
    eToro web-based platform
    eToro web-based platform
  2. Enter "Centrica" on the search bar, look for the Centrica result under the Markets category, and click on its corresponding "Trade" button.
    Searching for Centrica stock on eToro's platform
    Searching for Centrica stock on eToro's platform
  3. Enter the amount you wish to invest and set the stop-loss, leverage and take-profit according to your trading preferences.
    Buying Centrica shares on eToro's platform
    Buying Centrica shares on eToro's platform
  4. Click "Open Trade".
    Executing Centrica buy order on eToro's platform
    Executing Centrica buy order on eToro's platform

Explore eToro and discover Centrica shares trading!

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