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SAND is the utility token used in the virtual gaming ecosystem The Sandbox. The Sandbox is an Ethereum-based blockchain developed by Pixowl that operates on a “play-to-earn” model similar to other NFT gaming platforms such as Axie Infinity.

SAND tokens are used by players to monetize, own and build their gaming experience. It shares common themes with the popular game Minecraft in which players earn resources like soil, water, sand, lava, lightning, glass, minerals and more, to trade and interact with other players. In the Sandbox, players use SAND as the basis for interacting and transacting with other players.

The good news is that you can trade The Sandbox via eToro's investment platform. To find out more about this cryptocurrency and how to invest it via this brokerage, keep on reading the article.

Table of Contents

  1. History of The Sandbox
    When was it founded (44sec)
  2. Problems the Sandbox (SAND) Solves
    What does The Sandbox coin do? (44sec)
  3. Uses of SAND
    How does this crypto work? (12sec)
  4. SAND Circulating Supply
    How many tokens are there? (7sec)
  5. How to Earn SAND in The Sandbox?
    Several ways explained (36sec)
  6. Understanding the Sandbox Metaverse
    What is the concept of metaverse? (24sec)
  1. Exchanging SAND to Another Cryptocurrency
    How to convert to a different crypto? (24sec)
  2. Governance of SAND
    Is SAND a governance token? (15sec)
  3. How to Trade The Sandbox on eToro?
    Step-by-step guide (24sec)
  4. The Sandbox Price
    What is the price of SAND? (15sec)
  5. Is SAND a Good Investment?
    Is it worth investing in this crypto? (44sec)


🏷️ Crypto Name The Sandbox
🚩 Symbol SAND
💰 Minimum Investment $10
⌚ Market Open 24/7
eToro Sandbox Trading Details

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History of The Sandbox

Since its inception in 2012, Sandbox has grown to over 40 million global installations on mobile platforms. With the start of January 2018, The Sandbox project began developing a 3D, multiplayer version running on the Ethereum blockchain to provide players a virtual world where they can use their imagination to own, build and monetize game experiences using the SAND token.

The Sandbox game logo
The Sandbox game logo

In the past several years, The Sandbox has established a 100% ownership economy for players and creators through NFTs and LANDs. Their team has already introduced many robust creation tools in beta after raising $3.41 million USD from several key investors. With over 60 partnerships, the Sandbox has been able to develop content on the platform with brands such as Smurfs, Shaun the Sheep, dApp game developers like Dapper Labs, Square Enix (creators of Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy), and iconic gaming companies such as ATARI.

Problems the Sandbox (SAND) Solves

As a pioneering technology in the NFT world, The Sandbox offers a lot of aspects that make it unique. A major barrier to gaming - locked funds - is tackled and solved by the platform. Traditionally, when you play centralized games, all assets you earn and investments you make are locked within that game. When you quit playing, you can't access and use those funds again until you rejoin the network.

The Sandbox solves this dilemma by providing players with numerous ways to create value and earn assets, while having the ability to transfer it to other games, or even out of the gaming ecosystem itself. The developers of the Sandbox maximized the technology of NFT to make sure players keep track of their creations.

Remember: NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are blockchain-based currencies that represent in-game assets. They can be transferred and verified via the blockchain network.

Uses of SAND

An ERC-20 token, SAND is used to buy assets and virtual pieces of real estate represented by ERC-721 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the Sandbox ecosystem. SAND tokens can also be used for staking to earn more SAND.

The Sandbox token logo
The Sandbox token logo

SAND Circulating Supply

Currently, there is a total supply of 3,000,000,000 SAND. The good news is that these tokens can be bought directly from eToro.

The Sandbox (SAND) trading on eToro's platform
The Sandbox (SAND) trading on eToro's platform

How to Earn SAND in The Sandbox?

There are several ways to earn SAND in the Sandbox. The most common way is to create "Assets" with VoxEdit - a leading NFT creator software — and put it for sale as NFTs in the Sandbox Marketplace.

To give you an idea, Assets like artworks, avatars, animals and cars can fetch a price ranging from 5 SAND to tens of thousands of SAND.

Additionally, you can also earn SAND from monetizing your games by using the Sandbox Game Maker. You can also earn by being a player of other users' through a rewards system. Likewise, you can also earn from your "Land" by either filling it with content or leasing it out to other players.

Understanding the Sandbox Metaverse

These four main products will give you a better idea of the Sandbox ecosystem:

  • SAND: This is the native token of the SANDBOX. An ERC-20 compliant Ethereum blockchain resident token, SAND is used by players to engage in various transactions in the Sandbox metaverse. Likewise, fees and rewards are also paid with SAND.
  • VoxEdit: This is an NFT-creator software that allow users to make and animate 3D items in the Sandbox metaverse. These 3D creations are then called "Assets “using ERC-1155 token standard, which permits both non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and fungible ones to be minted with a lone smart contract.
  • Game Maker: This provides a platform for users to create their own 3D games.
  • The Sandbox Marketplace: This is where users can upload and sell their "assets".

Exchanging SAND to Another Cryptocurrency

You can exchange your SAND token to other cryptocurrency by using a digital wallet that supports crypto swapping like eToro Crypto Wallet and MetaMask or the Uniswap protocol.

Governance of SAND

SAND holders have a voice on the governance of the Sandbox ecosystem. The governance of the platform relies on a DAO structure or Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Token holders have the power to allocate funds directly to game developers and content creators and help set features they want on the platform.

How to Trade The Sandbox on eToro?

To invest on The Sandbox via eToro, you need to open an account first and make your first deposit. You can then follow the steps below:

  1. On your eToro dashboard, click "Discover".
    Clicking "Discover" on eToro
    Clicking "Discover" on eToro
  2. Select "Crypto".
    Selecting "Crypto" eToro's platform
    Selecting "Crypto" on eToro's platform
  3. Scroll down to look for "SAND".
    Looking for The Sandbox on eToro's list of crypto assets
    Looking for The Sandbox on eToro's list of crypto assets
  4. Click "Buy" and set the amount you want to invest.
    Buying The Sandbox (SAND) on eToro's platform
    Buying The Sandbox (SAND) on eToro's platform
  5. "Click "Open Trade".
    Executing SAND buy order on eToro
    Executing SAND buy order on eToro

The Sandbox Price

A SAND token is worth at the time you opened this page. It currently has a 52-week range of $ and a market cap of . The prices for crypto assets are always fluctuating, so it may not be accurate to use these numbers as a benchmark.

Is SAND a Good Investment?

SAND tokens have been experiencing significant price gains due to the current hype surrounding the metaverse. A lot of people are excited about the potential for SAND tokens to see an increase in price following Facebook announcing it would be rebranding. More attention to this sector could lead to its success over the next both the short and long term.

The concept of the metaverse is still fairly new and it will probably take time before it becomes more mainstream. But with The Sandbox investing over four years into researching, there would definitely be a big payoff if development efforts were to resume.

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