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eToro Axie Infinity Trading

How to Trade AXS on eToro?

eToro's platform allows you to buy and sell Axie Infinity, copy top AXS traders, and invest with as low as $10.

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The Ultimate Guide to Trading Axie Infinity With eToro

Axie Infinity (AXS) is a cryptocurrency ecosystem and gaming network where players play to earn cryptocurrency. Through the platform. which was inspired by the universe of Pokémon, AXS and SLP — the native coins of Axie — can be earned through playing of various games within the Axie Infinity Universe and through user-generated content. The game's online assets, called Axies, can be collected, traded, breed, put to battle and mated to earn rewards.

With an average of more than 2,000,000,000 daily active players, Axie Infinity is one of today's most popular crypto gaming network. It is also credited with introducing the concepts of cryptocurrency to a wider population in an educational and fun manner.

For beginners; Axie Infinity starts with players needing to own at least three pet creatures called the Axies. These pets are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with body parts representing different skills that are characterized by cards. The players in turn, use these cards to attack, defend and make their Axies stronger.

If you're interested in investing in Axie Infinity, the good news is that eToro provides this opportunity. Keep on reading to learn more about this cryptocurrency and how to trade it via this investment platform.

Table of Contents

  1. History of Axie Infinity
    Who invented Axie Infinity? (37sec)
  2. How Does Axie Infinity Work?
    What does the AXS token do? (31sec)
  3. How to Start Playing Axie Infinity?
    What do you need for AXIE infinity? (21sec)
  4. AXS Circulating Supply
    How many tokens are there? (10sec)
  5. Other Ways of Investing on Axie Infinity
    Can you invest in Axie Infinity? (25sec)
  1. Ways of Earning Rewards from Playing Axie Infinity
    Getting rewards from this blockchain game (42sec)
  2. How to Trade Axie Infinity on eToro?
    Step-by-step guide (24sec)
  3. Is AXS a Good Investment?
    Is it worth investing in this crypto? (55sec)


🏷️ Crypto Name Axie Infinity
🚩 Symbol AXS
💰 Minimum Investment $10
⌚ Market Open 24/7
eToro Axie Infinity Trading Details

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Click the button below to be directed to eToro's Axie Infinity trading page. There you will see a demo and can quickly open an account if you want to proceed with live crypto trading.


78% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

History of Axie Infinity

The NFT-based Axie Infinity was developed by Sky Mavis — a Vietnamese Studio co-founded by its CEO Trung Nguyen and COO Aleksander Larsen — and was first released in March 2018. It uses Ethereum-based cryptos, the Smooth Love Potion (SLP) and the Axie Infinity Shards (AXS).

Axie Infinity game logo
Axie Infinity game logo

In 2019, Sky Mavis raised a fund totaling $1.5 million. This allowed them to speed up development of Axie Infinity. In May 2021, it raised another $7.5 million with the help of Mark Cuban, Alexis Ohanian and other technology entrepreneurs. By 2021, as the game grew in popularity averaging more than 2 million daily active players, Sky Mavis entered unicorn territory by raising another $152 million in funding and a $3 billion valuation.

How Does Axie Infinity Work?

Before proceeding with this NFT-game, a player needs to create a team of three axies. Axie pets, which are equipped with skills, can cost between 0.1 ETH and 0.2 ETH. The Axies form the foundation of the game.

Since the Axies themselves are the game’s currencies, players can breed, train and strengthen creatures by upgrading their skills, to trade or sell them later, either for other cryptocurrencies or actual money. Because of the lucrative opportunity in this game, many gamers have turned gaming into a second job relying on earning the in-game tokens.

AXS token logo
AXS token logo

How to Start Playing Axie Infinity?

First, you need to download the game from its official website As a player, you'll also need to create your own Ronin wallet or a digital wallet such as MetaMask. Afterwards, you will need to transfer ETH to Ronin using the Ronin bridge, so it will become a Wrapped ETH (WETH).

You can now use your WETH to buy Axies from the wallet to start playing the game.

Axie Infinity game website
Axie Infinity game website

AXS Circulating Supply

The Axie Infinity (AXS) has a maximum supply of 270,000,000 tokens. Currently, around 69,800,000 token are in ciruclation and these can be bought directly from eToro.

Axie Infinity (AXS) trading on eToro's platform
Axie Infinity (AXS) trading on eToro's platform

Other Ways of Investing on Axie Infinity

If you don't have the deep pocket to purchase the game's three Axies, you can still participate in the game as a "Scholar". A "Scholarship System" was created to allow players to play for a "Manager" — an Axie investor. The manager and the scholar will then agree to specific terms and conditions such as percentage shares, daily quotas and payout schedules.

In short, the scholar earns a salary from the manager depending on how they perform in the game.

Ways of Earning Rewards from Playing Axie Infinity

  • Breeding Axies: You can breed your Axies to hand down their unique skills and traits up to 7 times before they become sterile. The limit ensures the existence of similar digital assets be greatly lessened. After breeding your Axie, you can put them on sale in the marketplace.
  • Battles: After breeding and training your Axies, you can enter them in battles to climb up the leaderboard and earn rewards in the form of NFTs, and tokens. The more battle you emerge victorious, the more expensive your Axie becomes.
  • Staking: Axie Infinity rewards are not exclusive to gamers. The AXS token can be staked by anyone. Compared with trading for new users, staking provides a consistent payout. Therefore, most new users prefer staking to trading. Staking provides the advantage of maintaining ownership over your digital assets.

How to Trade Axie Infinity on eToro?

To invest on Axie Infinity via eToro, you need to open an account first and make your first deposit. You can then follow the steps below:

  1. On your eToro dashboard, click "Discover".
    Clicking "Discover" on eToro
    Clicking "Discover" on eToro
  2. Select "Crypto".
    Selecting "Crypto" eToro's platform
    Selecting "Crypto" on eToro's platform
  3. Scroll down to look for "AXS".
    Looking for Axie Infinity on eToro's list of crypto assets
    Looking for Axie Infinity on eToro's list of crypto assets
  4. Click "Buy" and set the amount you want to invest.
    Buying Axie Infinity (AXS) on eToro's platform
    Buying Axie Infinity (AXS) on eToro's platform
  5. "Click "Open Trade".
    Executing AXS buy order on eToro
    Executing AXS buy order on eToro

Is Axie a Good Investment?

Contrary to what tech companies expected, this play-earn strategy has proven successful in the crypto market so far. Approximately 60 percent of the active users of Axie are from the Philippines.

While some pundits see this NFT-based game as a nonsense grind, they are missing the point of the vast future of decentralized gaming as compared to traditional gaming methods.

To a growing number of believers, Axie Infinity is laying the groundwork of crypto gaming. However, as robust is the future of Axie, investing on it should always be taken with due diligence and scrutiny of its ins and outs.

Axie is similar to Bitcoin and other assets in the market, since it signifies ownership of the whole community. Therefore, take time to learn about that community before diving in headfirst. To secure full rewards from any crypto asset community, active participation is essential.

Interested in trading Axie Infinity?

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