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Learn more about eToro, its features and other informative topics with our extensive knowledge base. Here you will find the answers to the most commonly asked questions related to eToro. Our members have worked hard to keep this knowledge base updated regularly to provide accurate and helpful information not only for beginners but also for experienced traders.


  1. Aave | Is Aave on eToro?
  2. Account | How do I open an eToro account?
  3. Advertising | Advertising methods
  4. Aluminum | How to trade aluminum on eToro?
  5. App | Available apps
  6. AUDUSD | How to trade AUDUSD currency pair?


  1. Cardano | Can you buy Cardano on eToro?
  2. Careers | What jobs are available?
  3. CFD | What is contract for difference?
  4. Chainlink | Is Chainlink on eToro?
  5. Cocoa | Get started trading cocoa
  6. Compare | Which should you choose?
  7. Compound | Comp crypto trading guide
  8. Copper | Commodity metal trading
  9. Copy Trading | How does eToro copy trader work?
  10. Cotton | Buy and sell cotton future contract
  11. Crude Oil | Can you trade oil on eToro?
  12. Crypto | What crypto can you buy on eToro?
  13. Customer Service | How do I contact eToro?


  1. Fees | What fees does eToro charge?
  2. Forex | What currencies are traded on eToro?
  3. Forum | eToro discussions


  1. Gold | How to buy and invest in gold?
  2. GBPUSD | Is GBPUSD good to trade?






  1. Money | Is my money safe in eToro?


  1. Natural Gas | Buy and sell NATGAS
  2. NEO | Does eToro have NEO?
  3. News | Latest eToro news and updates
  4. Nickel | Buy and sell nickel future contract
  5. NZDUSD | Guide to trading NZDUSD currency pair


  1. Palladium | Buy and sell palladium future contract
  2. Partners | What is eToro Partners?
  3. Platinum | Guide to trading platinum commodity
  4. Polygon | How to invest in MATIC?


  1. Tezos | Buy or sell XTZ
  2. Traders | How to copy top-performing traders?
  3. Trading | Is eToro safe to trade?
  4. TRON | Does eToro have TRX?


  1. UK | Can you use eToro in UK?
  2. Uniswap | Buy or sell UNI
  3. USA | Is eToro available in the US?
  4. USDCAD | Buy and sell USDCAD on eToro
  5. USDCHF | Guide to trading USDCHF currency pair
  6. USDJPY | Is USDJPY a good pair to trade?


  1. Videos | Watch informative eToro clips


  1. Wallet | Does eToro have a wallet?
  2. Wheat | Buy and sell wheat future contract
  3. Withdraw | How do I take money out of eToro?

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