Denmark's most copied investor on eToro, Christian Jain Kongsted credit his experience as an elite chess player and as a Danish Scrabble champion for making him successful in the field of trading. Yet, there's still more to his evolving strategy that meets the eye of a keen financial observer. Getting to know more about his background should be a good first step.

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Christian Kongsted Fact Card

Name: Christian Jain Kongsted
Nationality: Danish
Alma mater: Danmarks Journalisthøjskole
Title: Co-Owner,
Owner and Director, Blue Screen Media
Social media:


After finishing High School in Sankt Annæ Gymnasium, Christian Jain Kongsted took up and finished a Journalism degree at Danmarks Journalisthøjskole (Danish School of Media and Journalism).

Career History

Before becoming one of eToro's most copied investor, Kongsted charted a background as a journalist and as a book author who wrote a number of books about Computer Chess — based on his years as a Danish Chess Champion. He is also a former Danish Champion in the game of Scrabble. Other than that, he also developed a deep interest in technology and eventually, in investing to which he is now a seasoned 15-year veteran.

Wanting to expand his eToro success, Kongsted founded the trading companies and He also co-authored the book "DAYTRADER" as a means of giving back to the trading community by sharing his knowledge about exploring earning potential in the market.

Trading in eToro

An eToro user and investor since 2017, Christian Jain Kongsted didn’t just stumble on a trading strategy that works by accident. He did it by combing through his knowledge amassed through years of scrutinizing patterns, probabilities and learning the financial market.

Kongsted said:

Investing is all about managing possibilities.

True enough, he digs deep into his experience as a chess player to study all possibilities and how making different moves in the financial market may produce varying results. By combining psychology, data and his wealth of experience analyzing sequences of likelihoods, he has come up with a methodology that his more than 20,000 copiers on eToro finds to be an effective strategy in achieving high profits.

This year, Kongsted has yielded 49% in return, up from the 34.5% average annual return he has achieved since 2017.

What made him a very successful eToro trader? Kongsted doesn’t give a definite homerun answer as there is none. However, he suggests considering investing in the long term and to diversify. He believes that if one avoids investing more than 10% on one financial asset, then they’ll potentially perform better than most. Lastly, Kongsted champions the importance of continuously educating one’s self and to remain humble to the idea that you could be wrong more often than you are right about a hunch.

Trading Methods

Trading under the name CPHequities, Christian Jain Kongsted concentrates on waiting for the perfect time and the best opportunities in growth stocks. He follows each lead to diversify his portfolio. Having worked in online marketing for a decade and a half, he applies all the learnings and attention to detail he amassed from his wealth of experience recognizing market opportunities in diverse industries—particularly in the technology sector.

Initially, Kongsted traded on eToro actively especially with indices and on CFDs. Eventually, he realized the stress caused about by the busy day and swing trading. Coupled with a rising number of people copying his trade, he learned to settle down by trading and investing over a lengthy period of time. This strategy boosted his portfolio and became more secured and copy-friendly. After almost five years of trading on eToro, Kongsted also learned to be very careful about using leverage. He now implores beginner traders to avoid getting too aggressive with using it.

Kongsted strictly based his trading strategy on the set of algorithms that his team has developed.

When asked what advice he may give to budding traders, Kongsted alerts traders from analyzing their portfolio all the time by explaining that if one opens too many trades, chances are they will get lower yields as opposed to adapting the buy and hold strategy.

Net Worth

Currently, Kongsted has over 20,500 copiers with more than $5 million in copy assets under management. He also has 986,700 followers on eToro.

Christian Kongsted is an Elite Pro Popular Investor
Christian Kongsted is an Elite Pro Popular Investor


With an average risk score of between 4-6, Kongsted has made a total of 202 trades since 2017 garnering a profitability rate of 50.99%.

Christian Kongsted's eToro portfolio
Christian Kongsted's eToro portfolio

Past performance is not an indication of future results. Trading history presented is less than 5 complete years and may not suffice as basis for investment decision.

As shown by his eToro trading history, Kongsted traded on stocks 69.89% of the time followed by Crypto with 18.21%, ETFs with 9.91%, Indices with 1.00% and on Commodities for only 0.99% times.

His top three invested stocks are Alphabet (GOOG), Microsoft (MSFT) and Apple (AAPL) which amounts to 8.35%, 7.95% and 7.33% respectively, of his over-all eToro investments.

Kongsted averages 3.67 trades per week with an average holding time of 5 months and a 54.55% profitable week percentage.


Christian Kongsted's annual performance on eToro

Look: Based his stats, Kongsted managed to have a good portfolio every year since he started trading in 2017. Notice that there were no negative figures.

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Trade as if you are trading beside Kongsted on a traditional trading floor of a stock market by following his every activities and posts on his eToro social feed. To do this, simply click the “+” icon displayed beside the Copy button on his eToro profile page. A set of watchlist categories will pop-up where you can select or create your own watchlist.

Following Christian Kongsted
Following Christian Kongsted

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  1. Once you have an account with funds, all you need to do is to go to his profile. Kongsted's eToro profile can be accessed here:
    Christian Kongsted (@CPHequities) trading profile on eToro
    Christian Kongsted (@CPHequities) trading profile on eToro
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    Clicking Copy button
    Clicking Copy button
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    Entering amount to copy Christian Kongsted on eToro
    Entering amount to copy Christian Kongsted on eToro
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    Configuring copy trading parameters
    Configuring copy trading parameters
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    Executing copy trade order on eToro
    Executing copy trade order on eToro

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77% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.